Karen Hines aka Coach K
Black Women, no matter what life brings our way, we will continue to stand as the Powerful Black Women that we are.
As Black Women, we are versatile and confident in our skin.

As Black Women we realize that doing everything in decency and in order is not enough in today’s society and refuse to stand at the rear, but side-by-side if not in the front.

As Black Women we do not need someone to put us on a pedestal, we have already done that for ourselves.
As Black Women, it takes a lot of will power and strength, emotionally & mentally to leave our homes daily, with a smile only to face the stereotypical and the microaggression of others.

As Black Women, our maternal mortality rate, we are 3 to 4 times more likely to die from pregnancy related reasons than Caucasian women. VALUE OUR WOMB!
The Black Woman’s Mental Health has heightened and suffered from the effects of frequent police brutality and the killing of our offspring.

As Black Women, we are called angry, told we are too masculine, too independent, too dark, that we are not beautiful, that we are not smart enough, we are violent, lack self-control, While looking at all the different shades and shapes of Black women, I see Love, Beauty, Compassion, Class, Patience, Power, Intellect, Shelter, Successes, Strength, Persistence, Passion, and Poise.
Broadcasting: THURSDAY 6PM EST



The suggested audience for this show is black women; however, we encourage the entire family to watch together and grow with us.

income bracket

The suggested income bracket for this show is low to upper class; however, we encourage everyone to watch and grow with us.

education level

The suggested education level for this show is everyone. We want to inspire people to grow with us.


We will guide your emotional wellness, stabilize your mental balance, improve your thoughts, encourage you to manifest your purpose, communicate & speak with authority, and elevate your stride! We will validate the breakthroughs after breakdown experiences of past pains and trauma. Presented by Inspire TV Channel.

· BLACK WOMAN = She Breathes
· WOMB = Her Strength (Nourishment)
· MAN = The Contributor/Benefactor
· LOTUS FLOWER = Self-Regeneration and Rebirth
WINE = Sexy/Classy