Pamela Henkel is the Founder of Purpose By Design. She is an author, conference speaker, lead pastor at Victory Celebration Church and a success coach. Her weekly podcasts, vlogs and blogs are a lifeline of education and inspiration which you can check out on her Purpose by Design site, Pamela loves to lead people to dream and discover their individual potential to execute their dreams.

Pamela is a natural motivator and has shown many how to find their niche and excel. Although success is an up-hill battle, Pamela will give the necessary strategies to flourish, cheering her clients on every step of the way! Pamela shares from her personal experiences, education and life as a woman in leadership utilizing decades of knowledge. Taking the approach of: “Let’s have coffee and chat” - she will awaken your dreams and purpose by design. Pamela and her husband James have been married since 1995 and have 6 beautiful children and 1 Grand, along with their dog: Bailey, 3 cats and 7 birds. Pamela’s family lives as one big happy family in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Broadcasting: THURSDAY 7PM EST



Do you notice the world is chaotic and uncertain? Do you feel shaken and unsure? Watch this show, if you want to create a compelling vision and a more empowered future and a new reality focusing more on your purpose by design than the chaos around you. This show is for men, women and the entire family looking to be encouraged and rise above the negativity.

income bracket

The suggested income bracket for this show is low to upper class; however, we encourage everyone to watch and grow with us.

education level

The suggested education level for this show is everyone. We encourage everyone to watch and grow with us.


Every person has a Purpose by Design, Not by Default. On the Pamela Show we will learn together and grow together. Pamela and her guest will inspire and empower you. Pamela says every person is here on purpose, with a purpose by design. She will encourage each person to pay it forward on Purpose and be the Salt and the Light everywhere they go. You are here on purpose with a Purpose by design.