Ann Anderson,
CEO of Butterfly Uprising
Ann Anderson a.k.a., Coach Ann is an Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author of the novel, Butterfly Uprising. She is a part of five anthologies. She’s been featured in “Making Headline News” online magazine journal, and a booked called “Louisiana’s Leading Ladies” and have done numerous interviews and podcasts. She’s a prolific Speaker and Certified Transformational Life Coach. She’s the CEO and Founder of Butterfly Uprising, LLC and “Unstoppable Women’s Network” group.” This coaching program is designed to help women change their lives from head to toe, inside and out, by letting go of their fears and their past using simple techniques that have powerful results. So that you can break-free from self-critical thinking, control your thoughts and feelings, master your emotions, achieve your ideal body, mend and build lasting healthy relationships, find confidence to reach your highest potential, design the life of your dreams and to maximize ALL of your life experiences to become UNSTOPPABLE!!! Her mission is to restore, to help women to take back their lives after any type of trauma or PTSD from abuse and align with your true authentic self so that you can live in your greatness and the God-given power placed on the inside of you.

Butterfly Uprising was chosen for publication out of 8,000 monthly submissions. As a Christian, her prayer is that, God’s hand is upon everything she writes and all those who she is blessed to coach. And that he will get the glory for it and her readers and clients will be blessed and inspired to seek Christ for themselves, because all of their help is in Him.

She is a widow and lives in Dallas, Texas where her grown son, affectionally known as San lives with his family and honoring her late husband by continuing to be bold and glorifying God in all that she does. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Visit her website at www.anndanderson.com and www.butterflyuprising.com, or her email address at coach.annanderson@gmail.com and sign up on her website to find out about her new releases, free videos and FREE E-Book, upcoming speaking engagements and newsletters, and become a part of the “Unstoppable Women’s Network” group community.

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The show is a forum where the perspectives of Ann Anderson, the host on a variety of topics are shared. A series of candid conversations with family and friends about the most important and provocative topics of the day. Anderson uses the show as an educational platform, featuring books, interviews, personal self-development segments, fitness, health and wellness and philanthropic involvement into world events.